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Generac's complete line of Standby/Portable Generators and Eaton's Automatic/Manual Transfer Switches provide reliable backup power for home, camping, tailgating, construction and outdoor events. Genarac provides backup power solutions for everything from emergency circuits in small homes to complete power for all functions in a small office building.

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Standby Generators

Generac's standby generators make it easy, affordable and worry-free, to supply reliable backup power for residential and light commercial applications. Whether you are home or away, they quietly protect your home and family, with an immediate, automatic, and reliable response to utility power failure, so power is never lost.

Portable Generators

Generac’s portable generators offer the perfect solution for home use, camping, tailgating, construction, or other outdoor events.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Eaton's Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are used with standby generators to automatically transfer power to the generator when utility power fails. Eaton offers both an energy-saving Universal (GREEN) version with load management and a standard version.

Manual Transfer Switches

Used with standby and portable generators, Eaton's manual transfer switches provide circuit breakers to monitor and allow switching of power to the generator, when utility power fails.

Green Intelligent Automatic Transfer Switch Demonstration

Eaton’s Universal Green Energy-Saving Intelligent Automatic Transfer Switch with load management. Watch Demonstration Now

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